Empathic, passion test facilitator, big picture visionary who does reiki, intuition, property clearing, vow and contract clearing. Joanne helps you manifesting/intentions, relationship building. She is creative with strategies to making intimacy easy and creative for people who may have a hard time expressing their wants and desires. Her strategic intervention means changing how we react to the past, teaching people how to sense energetic and subtle changes in the body, teaching people how to raise their vibration, eating foods that are high in vibration, some super-foods, cell memory release, teaching people to be present in their being connection. She has worked with Byron Katie, understanding of death and helping people to prepare for the death of a loved one, grief and trauma support. How to bring in the love of your life/soulmate. Divorce prevention, Ceremony to clear homes of spirits, how to meet and work with your spirit guides, clearing of vows and contracts at a soul level. Joanne can help you in the creation of your own  book of shadows or book of intention. Creation of life mapping, detox through Ayurveda, Alchemy - creation of body scrubs, lip scrubs, how to be happy, parenting of sensitive or difficult children.

Joanne Hughes is a best selling author for two books, one is a children’s book for kids aged 8-10 years of age about a boy named Daniel that considers suicide as there is domestic violence at home with his parents and he feels worthless and responsible.  The second is an inspiring book called Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders where Joanne shares her a-ha and ignite moments. 

Joanne has created workbooks for those wanting to work at their own pace at home and enjoys doing health consults from her living room to yours!  Whether you want to have Joanne coach you to a place of purpose or you want to experience a facial analysis so you can go ahead and do your own investigation after an initial consulting session, working with Joanne will be inspiring, empowering and results oriented so that you can see the progress you are making one step at a time. 

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