Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders

There are many ways to be a leader, but some leaders are those rare people who not only lead, they purposefully and consciously ignite passion in others. But how do they do it? 


In this book, you'll find thirty-five unique stories of conscious leadership designed to IGNITE and inspire those on the planet working toward a better future for everyone through consciousness and leadership. It is written to touch the heart and fuel the soul.

Thirty-five authors have come together to share the ‘Ignite’ moment that propelled them forward into the arena of helping others, redefining norms, healing hearts and up-leveling the vibration of humankind. These stories exemplify consciousness, connection, mindfulness, spirituality, awakening, and transformation.

The Un-Becoming

My book is simple. It is a Spiritual Journey that I took, mountains "climbed" struggles at the beginning, and through life that brought me to an amazing place within my heart and soul. It's a book filled with life lessons, inspiration, self-awareness and more. I hope that it will show you, that no matter what struggles you go through in this lifetime, you get through them! This book has a workbook as well that helps you to follow through with your own path. You matter and this book will help you with some thoughts on how to live the best version of you.

This book has a companion workbook, available on

Daniel's Choice

Daniel’s Choices is a one of a kind book that tells a story that may not be an easy one to read or hear about yet it is such an important story.  Written about a young boy, named Daniel, that has been struggling at home and at school because of domestic violence in the home and contemplates ending his life at the age of 10.  Hearing that young age might be quite shocking or unimaginable to think of yet Joanne Hughes has heard stories such as this over and over again for 25 plus years.  Joanne worked in shelters for domestic violence for those years and she began to notice how many children came through the doors at the shelter that she personally met with, that had at one point or another thought about taking their life and 50 percent of those children had a plan.  There are so many children and parents out there that are suffering in pain on a daily basis that think often about taking their life.  It is my wish that this book finds it's way into every school, library, after-school program, home, doctor's office and psychology office.  

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