What's in the why?

Purpose - It is the drive of the decisions we make and the movement that moves us forward every day. Purpose is one of the most important elements to consider when we make a choice for next steps.

Our why gives us a focus point to understand why we are going in a certain direction, what we want to accomplish along the way and what the end result will be. Yet, so many in our world today do not understand what their "Why" is. So let's look at why it's so important.

  1. Our Why will determine the partner that we choose.

  2. "Why" determines the type of career we will choose.

  3. "Why" will show up when we start a business, run a business, manage a family.

So determining our Why is important in understanding our path and choices thus far. If you think back to the past. Look at the following to determine your why.

- How were things at home for you?

- Did you look up more to your mom or Dad?

- What did you enjoy most about school?

- Who were your friends?

Once you think of these questions and then think of the why to all of these answers you will begin to make sense of your why because there will always be a thread and a theme through off of this.

Understand your Why then helps you to understand your purpose. When we are in alignment with our purpose we succeed, feel more joy, and have more passion.

My Why is that I believe we are all capable of achieving anything that we want in this life. I want to show others that they can too!


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